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THE GREAT PULP HEROES! With the exception of a few adventure, detective, and Western titles--which spotlighted their fair share of series heroes--the character pulps were the force that propelled the form through three decades of popularity. Sherlock Holmes, Nick defaulter, Tarzan, Zorro, Mr. Chang, The Gray Phantom, Buck Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, John defaulter and others made their debuts in the pulp pages and inspired the next generation of characters, each more colorful and outrageous than its predecessor!

While they all had their own brand of success, it was The Shadow who ushered in the era of the pulp superstar, of powerful, heroic manhunters whose names were the titles of the magazines they dominated. In 1933, two years after The Shadow's debut, pulp pages ran red with the exploits of The Phantom Detective, Doc Savage, The Lone Eagle, G-8 and his Battle Aces, and The Spider--with Secret Agent X, Operator 5, The Avenger, Captain Future, The Lone Ranger, The Ghost, Doctor Death, The Whisperer, Pete Rice, Captain Hazzard, The Wizard, Bill Barnes, Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds, Dr. Yen Sin, Captain Zero, The Avenger, and many others soon to follow. This list offers them all.

5/42 VG- tp across sp, fc tp mend, solid final issue, yellowing pages w/tan edges, 36.00

Street & Smith's aviation hero stars in book-length novels, very difficult-to-find these days!
2/34 (#1) VG sp tp, nice reinforcing tp inside covers, 1/2" sp missing; silver and black cover art, 125.00
4/34 (#3) VG+ pofc, 1" bottom edge tear, minor overhang tears, vivid color, solid copy, white pages, 135.00
8/34 (#7) G small pofc/bc, many creases & edge tears, tp across spine, black Tinsley fc art, 44.00
1/35 VG small pofc bottom edge, reinforcing tp inside fc, superb color, yellow pages with tan edges, 135.00
2/35 G- numerous fc/bc tears & chips, cover bright, interior pages yellowed but supple, 50.00

High-flying WW2 aviation hero with a 3-issue flight plan across the pulp skyline!
4/40 (#1) VG+ tp/tm, vivid color, cover art depicts Nazi flying wing towing submarine through sky, 50.00
4/40 another copy VG+ tiny pofc at spine bottom, 1" spine separation at top corner, 75.00
4/40 another copy G+ pofc lower right corner, fc tears, white interior pages, 36.00
4/40 another copy British Edition by Popular Publications, VG bc, ws, off-white pages, 30.00

Edmond Hamilton's monster-zapping Wizard of Science & his trio of Futuremen!
WI40 (#1) VG+, tp at top/bot sp & inside fc; bright Rozen fc art, yellowing but supple pages, 66.00
SP40 (#2) VG small pofc left cnr & bc, 2" sp tp; novel-length cosmic epic, HLGold, Dr Keller, 39.00
FA#40 (#4) FA edge chips/tears, pobc, sp damage, cover intact, pages tanning, supple, 22.00
SU41 G fc edge tears, sp separation at bottom, tm, nbc, fc very bright, intact; E Binder, 24.00
SU42 VG- bottom & side trimmed unevenly, fc bright & intact, pages yellowing, J Williamson, 28.00
SU42 another copy VG-fc edge tears, minor pofc top right cnr; pages light tan, giant bats, 28.00
SU42 another copy VG fc edge chipping, several edge tears on fc, bright color, tan pages, 25.00
WI42 F tiny ws lower left corner, creamy pages, tan edges, super copy; Cummings, Burks, 60.00
WI42 another copy VG- small pofc bottom edge & bc, minor sp damage, nice interior pages, 26.00
WI42 another copy VG- small chips fc, dust stain top edge, yellow pages w brown edges, 21.00
WI43 VG edge tears, bottom1/4" sp damage, pages creamy, hint of tanning, Bergey cover, 32.00

Ace's rare one-shot version of Doc Savage with an action-packed Saunders cover!
5/38 (#1) VG fc edge tears, minor staining, sp tp overlapping covers, pages yellowing, supple, 75.00

Last of the Pulp Superheroes­G.T. Fleming-Roberts' short-run imitation of The Shadow!
11/49 (#1) VG pofc, tp mend, fc loose, overhang chips, white pages, 70.00
1/50 (#2) G- pofc, pofc near top of sp, rough edge of fc/pages, cover sheen, off-white pages, 38.00
3/50 last issue F very minor ws, clean bright color, cover sheen, solid copy, white pages, 66.00

The Man of Bronze leads his five scientific sidekicks against international masterminds
11/33 FA sp x, fc tm, hvy damage fc lower right corner, fc glued to paper, ws, supple pages, 36.00
4/34 VG+ 1/4" fc edge tm, ss, some dirt on sp & bc, ws shows inside fc, white pages, 95.00
7/34 VG+ fc chips & edge tears, ss, creases, superb color, very tight, white pages, 100.00
8/34 VG edge tm, sm pofc at lower staple, fc retouch, very tight, bright color, off-white pages, 55.00
10/34 G+ sp x, overhang tm, fc tp repair, vivid color Baumhofer cover, supple off-white pages, 45.00
12/34 G+ fc glued to contents pg, sp damage, edge tears & creases, off-white pages, Canadian, 35.00
12/34 G- pofc top left corner, fc glued to contents pg, spd, many edge tears, creamy pgs tan edges, 28.00
3/35 VG+ nice edge tm, small pofc, ss, vivid color, supple off-white interior pages, 65.00
6/35 VG- sp added, plastic-sprayed fc appears in F condition, off-white pages, tan bottom edge, 66.00
8/35 FA fc loose, numerous tears, chips, creases, tanning pages have crayon in image, 13.00
9/35 VG - covers tm, small pofc top right corner, bright color, off-white pages, 39.00
11/35 VG- numerous tp repairs to sp and edges, 1" pofc, off-white pages, 39.00
12/35 VG- small pofc top left corner, fc tp mend, fc scratch, bright color, creamy pages, 48.00
1/36 G- covers tm & laminated with tp showing at top and bottom across spine, 28.00
2/36 FA sp & edges tp, chips & tears, small pofc, pages tanning, vivid Baumhofer cover, 22.00
3/36 G+covers tm & laminated, sizable pofc at top edge--art intact, off-white pages, 28.00
4/36 VG+ invisible tp mend on fc, very minor spd, rich vivid fc color, tight copy, white pages, 96.00
5/36 F overhang tears & chips, brilliant fc color, superb Baumhofer art, tight copy, white pages, 125.00
6/36 FA pofc, tp repairs, sp damage, covers tm, po contents pg, supple off-white pages, 24.00
7/36 G+ covers tm & laminated, msd, vivid fc color, yellow to light tan pages, "The Black Spot", 28.00
9/36 VG-4" fc tear tp mend, standard overhang chips & tears, nice off-white pages, bright color, 60.00
10/36 VG two fc tears taped inside & out, tight, bright copy w off-white pages, good color, 66.00
10/36 another copy G covers tm & laminated, with tp showing at bottom edge of bc, yellow pages, 28.00
11/36 G+ cover tm & laminated with tp showing, bright cover color, off-white pages, 32.00
1/37 G pofc & bc, tp across spine, tp mend on fc, creamy pages w edge yellowing, 28.00
3/37 G- sp x, pofc, tp repairs, many creases, replaced bc, vivid color, yellow supple pages, 25.00
5/37 VG- sm pofc, tears repaired w tp, sp damage, corners off some int pages, vivid color, 36.00
7/37 VG tiny pofc, sp damage, ws throughout, tight copy, vivid color, supple yellow pages, 46.00
9/37 VG 1/2x2" pofc right overhang, bright color, tight copy, supple yellow pages with tan edges, 49.00
1/38 G pofc lower right edge, chips, tears, cover color bright, tan pages, 28.00
1/38 another copy G pofc right corner & replaced with art, nbc, supple off-white pages, 29.00
8/38 G- covers tm & laminated, pofc, sp damage, off-white pages, 22.00
7/38 VG- covers laminated and slightly tm, vivid colorful cover, tight copy, off-white pages, 33.00 11/38 G- covers laminated, pofc & bc, off-white pages, 28.00
1/39 VG+ edge tears, minor tp across sp, ss, solid copy, "Mad Mesa," nice white/off-white pages, 58.00
2/39 VG- fc tear mended w tp, sp damage, tp across spine top & bottom, pages tanning, 30.00
6/39 VG- covers laminated, reinforcing tp inside fc & bound edge of first pg, off-white pages, 30.00
7/39 VG covers tm, general wear, cover intact, pages off-white & very supple, 40.00
8/39 VG top & bottom spd, cc, overhang tears, pobc, vivid fc color, supple yellowing pages, 44.00
10/39 VG- fc tear repaired by tp, minor tp stain on sp, vivid cover color, off-white pages, 36.00
2/40 NF ws at right edge of book shows on white int pgs, vivid fc of near-naked Doc on submarine, 69.00
3/40 G- covers laminated, pofc and reinforced by paper taped inside, ws on nice int pages, 22.00
6/40 VG- tp across sp, top right cr damage, excellent fc color, supple pages ws top corner margin, 33.00
9/40 G pofc at upper edge, tp across sp on f/bc, tan pages with brittle edges, 13.00
10/40 FA tp across spine, pofc, brittle edges, 16.00
11/40 G- sp tp, pofc at bottom right corner, bright color, pages tanned with brown edge, 18.00
7/41 VG top/bottom of sp damage, several holes in title, tan but supple pages, 33.00
12/41 VG- fc separation top/bot sp, 3" tear, vivid color, supple, off-white pages, Cap Fury, 27.00
12/41 another copy VG sp damage, stain at bottom edge shows on interior pg margins, 30.00
4/42 VG some sp damage, fingernail-sized pofc at top left corner, tp sp bottom, 33.00
10/42 G- covers laminated, contents pg loose, ws pages, tan pgs brown edges, 16.00
12/42 VG+ tp across top & bottom of sp, fc chips & tears, tight bright copy, creamy pages, 38.00
1/43 VG tp across sp, minor spd, Doc and Dinosaurs in "The Time Terror," supple, creamy pages, 37.00
2/43 VG+ tp across top & bottom of sp, vivid cvr color, tight copy, off-white pages, Cap Fury, 38.00
5/43 VG+ tp across sp, vivid color, off-white pages, plus Bill Barnes & The Skipper, 38.00
9/43 VG tp across sp, fc tear, bright fc color, supple creamy pages, plus Cap Fury & Bill Barnes, 37.00
10/43 G+ fc tears, creases & chips, sp damage, off-white pages, Cap Fury, 18.00
6/44 VG tp across sp, pofc, pages standard aging, digest, "The Pharaoh's Ghost", 20.00
10/44 VG tp across sp, pages standard aging, digest, 20.00
3/45 VG tp across sp, several small edge chips, bright fc color, creamy pages, digest, 20.00
4/45 VG+ fc loose, fc tear, standard aging, digest, 22.00
7/45 VG tp across spine & on top fc edge, pages standard aging, digest, 20.00
10/45 VG+ three small chips off fc corners, pages standard aging, digest, 24.00
10/45 NF minor edge chipping, off-white pages, digest, 28.00
11/45 VG two fingernail-sized pofc, pages standard aging, digest, 23.00

Super-rare issue featuring the ultimate pulp villain!
2/35 (#1) NF superb color, tight copy, 1/2'' missing bottom spine, cc, supple yellow-tan interior pages, 450.00

Novel-length super-aviation thrillers in the wild G-8 tradition!
1/35 VF near flawless copy, appears unread, very sharp, creamy pages have tan edges, 150.00
3/35 VF near flawless copy, minor pencilling on fc, pages off-white, but tanning at edges, 150.00
4/35 F+ very clean copy, a few minor creases, bumped spine at bottom, all-white pages, 150.00
4/35 VG another copy tp/tm but very clean & bright, very creamy pages w hint of tanning, 70.00 5/35 G+ numerous cv creases, fc glued to first pg at spine, tm, pages supple, but yellowing, 36.00

WW1 air ace targets high-flying madmen, monsters and menace!
2/37 VG fc/bc creases, overhang tears, lightly tanned supple pages "Patrol of the Murder Masters", 70.00
3/38 VG+ cover dirt, 1" fc tear, minor spd, lightly tanned pages, "Patrol of the Phantom", 68.00
2/39 VG overhang tm, edge tears, minor ws, lightly tanned pages, "The Sky Serpent Flies Again", 44.00
4/39 VG fc shows ws at bottom edge, tight copy, supple light tan pages, "Death Rides the Last Patrol", 58.00
5/39 NF minor overhang tears, supple tan pages, slight sp roll, bizarre art,"Three Fly with Satan", 66.00
10/39 VG tp at top of sp, small pofc top right corner, tm,int tp, wild fc art, bright color, off-white pgs, 69.00
2/40 VG+ minor pofc top corner, bottom sp missing, lightly tanned pages, 'White Wings for the Dead", 66.00
4/40 VG overhang chips & tears, very minor pofc, supple tanning pages, "Wings of the Dragon Lord", 58.00
5/40 VG edge tears, minor ws, superb cover art, light tan pages, "Green Scourge of the Sky Raiders", 62.00
10/40 VG 1 1/2" fc tear, overhang tears, light tanned pages, "Red Skies for the Squadron of Satan", 57.00
1/41 G pofc/bc, overhang tears & chips, spd, rough bc, bright fc color, pages from creamy to light tan, 27.00
2/41 NF 1" fc tear in title, vivid color, lightly tanned pages, "Horde of the Wingless Death", 66.00
6/41 VG barely noticeable fc tear, overhang tears, supple tanned pages,"Fangs of the Winged Cobra", 57.00
10/41 VG+ fc creases, edge tears, bizarre skeleton art, light tan pgs, "Squadron of the Flying Dead", 66.00
12/41 F overhang tears, nice color, very tight copy, lightly tanned pages, "Horde of the Black Eagle", 70.00
4/42 VG binding edge ws, overhang chips & tears, lightly tanned pages, "Raiders of the Death Patrol", 58.00
6/42 F minor ws top corner bc, bright color, gruesome fc, lightly tan pages, "The Mark of the Vulture", 72.00

Masked Magician-Detective in The Shadow Tradition!
1/40 (#1) VG cx, Origin story with the hero, George Chance, writing his own memoirs, 36.00
SU40 (#2) VG- fc chips, colorful cover with sheen, tan pages with brittle edges, 27.00
SU41 VG tp across sp, edge reinforced, corner cut, yellow pages, 33.00

1/42 G+ cx, spine missing,solid copy, supple tan pages, very rare, 60.00

Crusading newspaperman Rex Parker becomes nemesis of the underworld!
FA/40 (#1) G Vivid color, pofc, tp mend inside fc tear, tight flat copy, tan interior pages& brittle edges, 35.00
FA/41 VG- cx, pobc, machine-gun shootout on cover, interior pages tan, but very supple, 36.00
WI/41 VG minor pofc, tp stain, vivid color cover with bondage & Oriental assassin, supple tan pgs, 50.00

NICK defaultER
Crime-crushing investigator pits his fighting skills & cunning against the forces of evil!
5/33 VG- pofc, minor spd, edge chips & tears, bc scrape, int fc tp mend, supple yellow pages, 39.00
4/35 FA tp on fc/bc, spd, interior front cover mend, dirty interior pages but all there, 16.00
5/35 F tc, rich color cover,very tight flat copy white interior pages, 29.00
7/35 VG pofc, grotesque cowled skeleton with eyeballs whispering into Nick defaulterıs ear, 60.00
2/36 FA pofc/bc, spd, numerous edge tears & chips, supple yellowing pgs,Tinsley Bulldog Black tale, 13.00

Government Ace Jimmy Christopher battles Purple Invasion as America burns!
5/34 (#2) VG fc edge dirt, sp damage, overhang tears & chips, tight copy,off-white pages, 125.00
5/34 (#2) VG 1/4" missing bot of sp, edge tears & chips, supple tan pages, bright color, tight copy, 200.00
5/34 (#2) VF title cut, vivid color, white pages, 75.00
8/34 (#5) F very minor edge chips & tears, beautiful color & sheen, supple yellow pgs, light tan edges, 250.00
9/34 (#6) VG tp across top/bottom sp, inside bc tp mend, super color, supple tanning pages, 135.00
10/34 P pofc, tp repair of tear, ws, brittle interiors, 12.00
12/34 NF tp across top/bot sp, edges tm, tight copy, rich color fc, creamy interior pages, 125.00
12/34 VG tp across sp, overhang tears, bright Four Horsemen cover, supple yellow pages, 85.00
2/35 VG+ tp across sp, overhang tears, bright vivid color, supple off-white pages, 90.00

3/36 VG+ ws 1/2" at top edge, otherwise VF, white pages, "War Masters from the Orient", 90.00
6/35 VG+ some overhang wear, vivid cover color with high gloss, pages with brown edges, 95.00
7/35 VG+ minor cvr tm, top/bottom sp damage, fc looks F, pages yellowed with brown edges, 90.00
10/35 VG fc edge tears, creases, top sp split 1", tight copy, "Attack of the Blizzard Men", 80.00
11/35 VG fc cc & chips, bc tears & chips, vibrant color, supple yellow pages tan edges, solid copy, 80.00
12/35 NF minor top left corner damage, small tp repair fc, pg edges brown, cvr looks VF, 100.00
12/35 VG+ small pofc bot right corner & bc, edge chips, bright fc, yellow pages, tight copy, 96.00
1/36 F minor edge tm, few tiny tears, bright color, interior tp mend, creamy interior pgs, solid copy, 100.00
2/36 NF pobc, minor spd, edge tears, cc, clean flat fc, bright color, supple tanned interior pages, 90.00
2/36 G laminated covers, pobc, color bright, supple yellowing pages with a tan edges, 37.00
8/36 F slight sp bend, 1" bc separation at sp, bc tears, rich color, tight, off-white pages, 110.00
8/36 NF slight cvr tm, tp across sp, superb color cover, yellow pages with hint of brown, 86.00
10/36 F few small tears in overhang, bright cover, tanning pages with browning edges, 77.00
2/37 F minor cvr tm, cc, few edge tears, vibrant color action cover, white interior pages, 88.88
3/37 VG sp tp, fc overhang tears & chips, sp t/b damage, yellow pages w tanning edges, 57.00
5/37 VG+ tp across sp, bctp repairs, overhang tears, light tan pages with hint of brown edge, 66.00
7/37 VG tp across sp, edge chips, wrinkles & tears, rich color, yellow pages w tan edges, 57.00
7/37 NF tight copy, bc dirty, bright cover looks F, supple yellowing pages w tanning edges, 75.00
7/37 VG+ minor fc wrinkle, ding, light ws, powerful color cover, supple yellowing pages, 73.00
9/37 NF overhang tears, superb color cover looks F, yellowing pages with brown edges, 66.00
9/37 VG+ tp across sp, bc dirty, bright vivid cover, tight copy, yellow pages, brown edges, 66.00

11/37 VG- fc split 1" top & bottom at spine, creases, edge tears & chips, bright vivid color, 60.00
11/37 F overhang tears, bright cover with gloss, tight issue, yellow pages w brown edges, 85.00
3/38 VG- overhang chips, bc loose, bright colorful cover, yellow pages w browning edges, 38.00
5/38 VG- pofc, fc tp mend, bright color cover, pages yellowed with corners flaking, 38.00
7/38 NF tight copy, top/bottom sp damage, bright clean cover, pages yellow w brown edges, 64.00
11/38 F tight copy, few overhand chips, bright color cover, pages yellow with brown edges, 70.00
1/39 VG edge chips, vivid bondage cover, bc 1"sep at sp, yellow pages with brittle corners, 56.00
3/39 VG- fc chips & tears, fc split at sp, pages tanned but supple, tight copy, colorful cover, 60.00
3/39 another copy G pofc, tp across sp, pobc, yellow pages with tanning edges, 37.00
3/39 another copy VG overhang chips, tears, vivid color, inside fc mend, brittle corners, 44.00
5/39 VG tp across sp, fc/bc tears repaired with tp, "Winged Hordes of the Yellow Vulture", 65.00
5/39 few minor pofc, pobc, bc mended w tp, strong color cvr, yellow pages, brown edges, 55.00
7/39 VG+ tp across sp & 2 tear mends, minor cc, bright color cover, tight copy, tan pages, 70.00
7/39 another copy VG pofc corner, superb color cover, brittle edges on interior pages, 38.00
9/39 VG- pofc & chips, tanning pages, brittle corners, "Corpse Cavalry of the Yellow Vulture", 37.00

Pistol Pete and his saddle pards in leather-tough novel-length yarns! Very hard to locate!!
11/34 VG minor spd, overhang chips & tears, 4" tear bc,nice Baumhofer color, creamy pages, 66.00

Millionaire playboy becomes masked manhunter to battle mysterious criminals!
3/34 G nbc, pofc, cc, edge tears, Phantom battles The Master Ghoul, supple yellow pages, 28.00
4/36 F off-white pages; Masked & red-cowled villain forces victim into noose, Belarski art, 60.00
9/36 NF minor color spotting on bkg, great Belarski mad surgeon art, supple yellow pages, 55.00
6/37 VG- partially rebuilt sp, overhang trim, bright color, creamy pages with tan edges, 33.00
10/39 G+ pofc/bc, sp damage, colorful gambling club cover, supple off-white pages, 29.00
9/40 VG edge chips & tears, colorful Desoto bandaged-villain cover, yellowing pages, 35.00
5/41 VG cc, interior fc tp repair, pobc, edge tears, great cover, supple off-white pages, 33.00
8/41 G- 3 fc tears mended inside, sp damage, bright Belarski cover, yellow pages, 17.00
6/43 G+ cover soiling, overhang chips, minor sp damage, Belarski art, yellow pages, 22.00
10/43 G+ tp across sp, overhang chips & tears, reinforcing tp, Belarski, off-white pages, 17.00
6/44 VG+ tp across bottom sp, few edge chips & tears, Belarski cover art, supple yellow pages, 24.00
8/44 VG tm, tp across sp, 1" restoration at bottom sp, Belarski fc, supple yellow pages, 26.00
10/44 VG- pofc, sp damage, overhang chips & tears, Belarski cover, yellowing pages, 18.00
6/45 VG minor bottom sp damage, slight sp roll, colorful Desoto cover art, white pages, 25.00
8/45 VG pofc top right corner, , minor spd, edge chips, nice Belarski color & gloss, yellow pages, 16.00
8/46 G- several pofc/bc, tears, tp across sp, Belarski cover, very creamy pages, 8.00
11/46 FA cc, tp across sp, sp damage, mended fc tear, many flaws, yellowing pages, 6.00
3/47 NF overhang chips, tight bright copy with colorful Belarski cover art, yellow pages, 26.00
11/47 VG professionally bound w rubbed Belarski cvr mounted to front, yellowing pages, 10.00
7/48 VG+ sm pofc bottom corner, overhang chips, 1" split bot sp, Belarski fc, yellow pages, 24.00
WI50 VG edge chips & tears, 1" split at bottom of sp, tight flat copy, off-white pages, 19.00
SP51 NF overhang tears, minor cc, very tight copy, colorful cover, white interior pages, 23.00
WI51 VG- pofc & sp at bottom, edge tears, great Belarski babe-in-distress fc, yellow pages, 19.00
SU52 VG+ cc, overhang tears, minor FC rubbing, tight copy, bright color, white pages, 22.00

Magician-manhunter The Scarlet Wizard conjures crime's end in RED STAR MYSTERY
8/40 G- tp mends on sp and fc, edge tears & chipping, pobc, tanning interior pgs with brown edges, 39.00

Nameless manhunter pits his lethal espionage skills against bizarre criminal villainy!
7/35 VG+ 1/2" missing top of sp, cc, overhang chips & tears, bright color, supple white pages, 85.00
10/35 VG white tp across sp, interior fc reinforced, edge tears & chips, supple off-white pages, 75.00
11/35 G+ white tp across sp, pofc,edge tears, bondage cover art, creamy supple pages, 48.00
10/36 VG+ long tear neatly repaired with tp inside fc, rich color, tight copy, yellow pages tan edges, 100.00
10/37 G+ laminated covers, bright color, yellow interior pages, DeSoto cover art, 55.00

Master of disguise, Captain Fury quests into the world's most perilous outposts after evildoers!
12/37 VG+ tp across sp, reinforcing tp inside f/bc, very vivid color, tight copy, off-white pages, 56.00

Still the hottest, the longest-running, most collectible pulp fiction crimesmasher of them all!
1/1/34 VG+ chip out bottom fc edge, min spd, corner cut from contents pg, great color, supple pgs, 125.00
2/1/38 VG tp across sp, fc mend, msd, vivid color cvr with gloss, supple yellow pages, 66.00
2/15/38 VG+ msd, small pofc/bc, 2" sep at sp, clean bright cvr w gloss, off-white pages, 60.00
5/15/38 G- fc loose, spd, pofc, edge tears, introduces The Hand, off-white pages, 27.00
6/15/38 NF 1/4" sp missing at top, short fc tear, bright clean cvr, solid off-white pages, 88.00
2/1/40 VG spd, evidence of tp, colorful cvr show minor ws, yellow pages with tan edges, 40.00
3/1/40 VG- spd, evidence of fc tp mend, yellow pages tan edges ws in margin, Shiwan Khan fc art, 45.00
5/1/40 VG- tp repair on fc, edge tears, bright color, very solid copy, complete sp, white pages, 53.00
6/1/40 VG- 1"pofc top right corner, minor spd, classic fc skeleton flower lady, yellow pgs, tan edges, 45.00
7/1/40 G+ cvr taped to sp, colorful action art with gloss, yellow pages with tan edges, 33.00
7/15/40 F very minor scrapes, tears, classic Shadow cover with gloss, off-white pages, 100.00
9/1/40 G+ 1" sep at sp, cc, edge tears, Shadow's face seen, yellow pages tan edges, 33.00
10/1/40 VG+ inside cvr tear mend, The Shadow vs The Wasp, yellow pages w tan edges, 44.00
1/15/41 VG+ sp damage once taped, cvr chips, colorful cover with gloss, yellow pages, 40.00
2/1/41 VG+ tp on sp, spd, flat cvr shows hero behind mag rack with Shadow pulp, 40.00
4/1/41 10th Anniversary Issue VG sp damage, moisture ripple, tanning pages, 37.00
4/15/41 VG pofc, msd, edge chips, colorful cover, yellowing pages, 33.00
6/1/41 VG- sp damage, pofc top corner, yellow pages show some waterstains, 30.00
7/15/41 VG+ partial sp warp, superb color w sheen, Shadow vs The Blur, creamy pages, 66.00
10/15/41 VG- sp damage, fc intact w interior tp stain at top right corner, yellow/tan pages, 37.00
10/15/41 F tiny pofc near staple, clean tight copy w cover sheen, creamy pages, 60.00
11/1/41 VG evidence of tp on sp, cc, bright color, action cover, tight solid copy, yellow pages, 34.00
11/15/41 VG- fc tears, msd, colorful action cover, Egyptian theme, lightly tanned pages, 29.00
12/1/41 VG+ minor chips & cc, colorful action cover, tight flat copy, off-white pages, 44.00
1942 ANNUAL (#1) NF 1"posp, vivid cvr of Cranston & The Shadow's shadow, supple pgs, RARE, 100.00
3/15/42 VG spd, great Shadow action cover, bright flat copy, yellow pages w tanned edges, 33.00

4/1/42 VG- long fc tear, msd, cool image of five mirrored Shadows, vivid color, yellow pages, 27.00
9/15/42 VF tiny edge chips, Shadow strangled by thug's noose, clean copy, white pages, 48.00
9/15/42 another copy VG small pofc, spd, tan pages with brittle edges, 23.00
10/15/42 G- fc sep from sp, spd, nbc, bright cover color, yellow pages, some loose, 18.00
12/1/42 VG tp stain across sp, small ws, interior fc tp mend, "The Hydra," yellow/tan pages, 28.00
1/15/43 VG+ 1" sp missing, 1" fc tear, brilliant fc color w/skull, "Death's Masquerade," yellow pgs, 52.00

3/1/43 VG msd, stress tears & wrinkles, bright color" The Black Dragon," tan pages, 28.00
4/43 VG- tp across sp, spd, pofc upper right corner, yellow pages with tan edges, 22.00
5/43 VG top right corner damage, bright color, clean flat copy, yellow pages w brittle edges, 19.00
5/43 another copy F few tiny edge chips, bright color cover w gloss, off-white pages, 48.00
1/44 VG+ small piece off sp, minor pofc, several tears, bright skull fc, supple yellowing pages, 44.00
4/44 VG spd, inside fc tp mend minor edge chips,bright fc color, lightly tanning pages, digest, 34.00
5/44 F msd, bright colorful harlequin villain cover for "The Freak Show Murders," nice off-white pgs, 42.00
5/44 another copy VG small pofc, spots in title, interior pages light tan to brown but still supple, 32.00
6/44 VG+ msd,"Voodoo Death" plus a Shadow author Bruce Elliott tale of Nick defaulter's son Chick, 39.00
7/45 F small tear bottom sp, minor reading crease, sharp tight copy with cvr gloss, white pages, 40.00
7/45 another copy VG+ minor sp damage, sliver cut from lower fc corner, supple yellowing pages, 36.00
7/45 another copy VG minor sp damage, chip off fc corner, "Mask of Mephisto," lightly tanning pgs, 33.00
8/45 NM "The Taiwan Joss" creamy off-white pages, beautiful copy, 48.00
10/45 G pofc, tears & chips, spd, spine split, inside fc tp mend, supple yellowing pages, 17.00
2/46 VG- 1 1/2" piece missing from sp, magic-related thriller "Crime Out of Mind," yellowing pages, 29.00
5/46 F minor cc, small stain, tight flat copy, supple yellowing pages, "The Curse of Thoth", 36.00
8/46 VG small fc tears & chips, good color with gloss, supple yellowing pages, "The Blackest Mail", 32.00
10/46 VG small pofc near sp bottom, yellowing pages, defaultier interior art, Wm. Campbell Gault, 34.00
11/46 VG ws bc, small pofc near sp bottom, yellowing pgs, defaultier, Powell art, John D. MacDonald, 37.00
11/46 another copy VG pofc edge, yellow pages with tan edges, 37.00
12/46 VG- pofc right top corner, 1/2" sp separation, supple yellow pages, "Death on Ice", 25.00
12/46 another copy VG+ spd, colorful cover art, yellowing pages, John D. MacDonald, 40.00
1947 ANNUAL VG tp across sp, fc,int pg tp mend, yellow pgs w/some brown edges, VERY RARE, 75.00
1/47 VG tp across sp, cc, handling wear, ss, supple yellow pages, "Death Stalks the U.N.", 28.00
1/47 another copy VG two small pofc, defaultier interior art plus Bob Powell, yellowing pgs, tan edges, 28.00
6/47 VG spd, 1/2" separation at sp, bc ws, small pobc, tight flat copy, clean off-white pages, 28.00
8/47 VG cover creases, handling wear, 1/2" tear at bottom of cover near sp, lightly tanned pages, 26.00 10/47 VG sp damage, tp mend inside fc, minor waterstain on bc margin, tan/browning pages, 21.00
4/48 G msd, fc chips, nbc, several pages also missing from the last back-up story, tan/br pages, 12.00
SP49 (rare 2nd to last issue) VG- pofc, spd, edge chips tears, yellow pages w tan edges, 88.00

Wealthy Manhattan playboy stalks master criminals behind a bizarre disguise and blazing .45s!
10/33 (#1) VF title cut, clean bright copy with off-white pages, 250.00
6/34 NF tiny chip pofc corner, minor overhang tears, very tight copy, vivid color, off-white pages, 175.00
11/35 FA tp across sp, edge tears & chips, cc, weird cvr, yellow pages with light tan edges, 45.00
8/36 VG+ superb bondage fc color, torture chair image, overhang tm, great off-white pages, 110.00
2/39 G+ tp across sp and fc mend, minor pofc, chips, classic Spider pin-up, yellow pages, 33.00
8/39 FA sp & edges of fc taped, bc reglued, fc tm, cover mostly intact, pages off-white, 29.00
5/41 G+ pofc/bc, tp across sp, cc, edge tears & chips, Desoto action art, white pages, 30.00

9/41 F few minor tears, brilliant Desoto Yellow Menace art, clean tight copy, white pages, 100.00
9/41 another copy F tc, creamy pages with some edge tanning, 45.00
10/41 F tc, solid copy, brilliant color and cover sheen, yellowing pages with tan edges, 42.00
10/41 VG tp across sp, overhang tears, bright fc color, "Satan's Seven Swordsmen," off-white pages, 39.00
12/41 VG+ tc, tp across sp, bright clean cover, solid copy, fresh off-white pages, 27.00
1/42 VG tc, tp across sp top edge, tight 100th Issue ³DEATH & THE SPIDER," yellow pages, 45.00
2/42 FA bottom half fc missing, nbc, ws, supple interior pages, 16.00
10/42 VG+ minor tp across sp, superb color & gloss, edge tears, lightly tanning pages, 57.00

1/43 VG-lower right corner shows evidence of ws and color loss, off-white pages barely affected, 35.00
8/43 VG+ ws lower right fc has paper from another pulp, great color & gloss, creamy pages, 47.00
10/43 VG tp across spine at top & bottom, rippled sp, minor fc edge wear, pages supple, 36.00
10/43 another copy VG tp across sp, spd, ws & pobc, wild color art by Desoto, creamy supple pgs, 39.00

Comic-strip-to-pulp crossover character, a rare book of a very rare circumstance!
10/36 (#1) VF superb copy with a few overhang tears, bright color, supply evenly tanning pages, 250.00
10/36 (#1) VG minor spd, bc soiling, NF fc, pages tan with brittle edges, rare comicstrip crossover, 125.00

Police commissioner becomes a Shadow imitator to avenge his father's assassination!
4/41 (#4) VG+ minor sp damage, rich color cover, off-white-light tan interior pages, Hubert Rogers, 44.00

Offbeat S&S hero Cash Gorman battles financial racketeers with wits, instead of weapons!
2/41 (#3) F ws on edge of fc/bc otherwise appears M, solid copy with great color, cream/lt tan pgs, 39.00
4/41 (#4) F msd, tiny fc spots, creamy pages with tan edges, Cash adventures to Hollywood, 37.00
4/41 VG another copy, cx, some spd, off-white-creamy pages, 18.00
6/41 (#5) VG+ few minor tears, creases, wear, tan, but supple pages, few folded corners, 24.00
8/41 (#6) F ws on edge of fc, otherwise appears M, solid copy, white pages, Hubert Rogers fc art, 33.00
8/41 VG fc ws but does not touch art, tight flat copy, Hubert Rogers cover art, lightly tanned pgs, 21.00

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