I've ordered from
PREVUE magazine and
Supergraphics for years
but I've never heard
of entertainmentEXPress.
What is it?

entertainmentEXPress is simply the online version of the Supergraphics catalog, which was previously available in PREVUE magazine.

still being

PREVUE ONLINE has replaced the newsstand edition, which has been suspended pending readers' response to the digital version. Our strategy is to change several features and interviews on a WEEKLY basis so that fresh material will always be available. The e-zine format will also allow us to be extremely topical and spotlight the latest entertainment developments AS THEY HAPPEN. And, as technology permits, we will include SOUND BITES of interviews and FILM CLIPS of forthcoming movies--a considerable improvement over small, still photos on the printed page.

Is it safe to use
a credit card
to order items?

Contrary to the current notion, more credit card rip-offs occur from restaurant use than internet thieves. The EXP site, however, is credit card secure and uses state-of-the-art encryption technology.

If I'm still not sure,
how else can I order?

We offer a variety of ordering options: a toll-free phone number, 24-hour fax, or download and send by mail.

Do you sell
your mailing list?

Absolutely not. Many other companies do; we never have and never will! All your biz will be confidential.

How is your
merchandise packaged?

We ship securely in ordinary looking packages. We've fulfilled hundreds of thousands of orders in the last 30 years and intend to continue for another 30.

Suppose my package is
lost during shipping.

Every package is shipped insured, so lost or damaged packages are replaced at no cost to you.(U.S. shipments only).

Can I have packages sent by Express Mail or Federal Express?

Yes. The extra cost will be charged to your credit card account or you can call in for the exact charges, which are determined by the package's weight.

How long does it take to process an order?

Credit cards and money orders are processed immediately. Orders paid by personal checks are fulfilled after they clear the bank. There is a $30.00 charge for bounced checks.

How are items shipped outside the U.S.?

Basically by two methods. 1) Surface Book Rate which cannot be insured. We accept no responsibility for uninsured packages. 2) Parcel Post, which can be insured and costs triple the regular postage fees, and is subject to your country's duties and tariffs. See order form for details. Censorship laws vary from country to country and the customer assumes the responsibility for judging what kind of material will pass inspection. In 30 years of mail-order experience, we've had less than a half-dozen customs conflicts. Packages are sent in plain wrappers.

How do I pay for orders I want shipped to a country other than the U.S.?

We accept Visa and Mastercard from anywhere in the world via our online order form, phone (610-370-0666), Fax (610-370-0867) or mail. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please note that personal checks MUST be drawn against a U.S. bank. The only other accepted method of payment is by INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER payable in U.S. funds.

How do you handle out of stock items?

Most out of stock items are back-ordered and shipped immediately upon arrival. When an item is permanently out of stock, the customer receives a credit or a refund.

Suppose I don't like an item?

We guarantee satisfaction on all entertainmentEXPress products. Unsatisfactory items must be received by Supergraphics in salable condition within one week of receipt for a credit or refund of original price. Posters, calendars and videos, unless defective, are not returnable. Please note: videos are NOT returnable, with the exception of defective copies, which will be replaced with new copies of the same title. Should you need to contact us concerning an order, please include: dates, items involved, and photocopies of checks or money orders if applicable. The matter will be handled to your satisfaction.

How often do you add new items to your catalog?

Our inventory is constantly changing sometimes with as many as 50 new products being added per month. Visit the catalog often. New items will be highlighted as they are added to our inventory.

Can I call in to see if an item is in stock?

Certainly. Call customer service at 610-370-0666 Monday through Thursday, 9AM-4PM ET. We'll be glad to answer your inquiry.

How explicit is your
online catalog and the
material in it?

Throughout its 25-year tenure, PREVUE has always maintained a tasteful approach. Our online presentation is no different. The catalog is packed with super-sexy images, none are X-rated. Some have been modified for clarity or discretionary purposes. Our pin-up and erotic-related material focuses on a variety of fetishes rather than triple-X action. While the latter can be easily found at any corner adult store, our inventory is aimed at hard-to-find, imported, and out-of-print items.