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Here's the biggest $$$-saving special on issues of COMIXSCENE/MEDIASCENE/PREVUE we've ever offered. We've broken them down into genres, themes, series, and personalities, so you can zero in on your favorites. Many issues are in low supply. Collect 'em now or weep when they're gone! Check 'em out now!!!
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PREVUE featured a galaxy of Star Wars coverage, including these nine super-stellar issues. Purchased separately, they total $45. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $30.
26--The Star Wars That Never Was: Original scripts, concepts and characters not in the film, 5.00
30--The Future of Star Wars, production designer Ralph McQuarrie interview & centerspread, 5.00
35--Interview with comic-strip artist Russ Manning: The Syndicated Star Wars, 5.00
41--Wraparound cover and 40-page coverage plus bonus portfolio and Lucas forecast, 5.00
42--The George Lucas Interview, Producer Gary Kurtz, Special 20-page Bound-in Filmbook, 5.00
50--Revenge of the Jedi: Ralph McQuarrie visualizes a new Star War chapter, 5.00
52--Revenge of the Jedi cover and double-length interview with Director Richard Marquand, 5.00
53--The Mark Hamill Interview: Farewell to the Force with a double-length conversation, 5.00
54--Billy Dee Williams offers a cosmic rogue's eyeview of the Star Wars epic, 5.00

PREVUE interviewed an army of actors on major productions; these 19 are among the most outstanding. Purchased separately they total $105. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $49.
43--Frank Oz, 5.00
47--William Devane, 5.00
48--Steve Martin, 10.00
50--The Wicked Impure Thoughts of Michael Palin, The Dan Aykroyd Interview, 5.00
51--Richard Chamberlain: On the set of The Thorn Birds, The Bruce Dern Interview, 5.00
53--The Confessions of Terry Jones, 5.00
54--Cliff Robertson: Fighting the System, 5.00
57--Rod Steiger, George Segal, Roger Moore, 5.00
62--Michael Douglas, 5.00
65--Walter Matthau, 5.00
68--Michael J. Fox, Don Johnson, 5.00
70--Martin Short, 5.00
71--Burt Reynolds, Patrick Swayze, River Phoenix, 5.00
76--Michael Biehn, 5.00
78--Willem Dafoe, 5.00
80--A Time-travelling Talk with Michael J. Fox, 5.00
81--Kiefer Sutherland, 5.00
84--James Coburn: A Killer Role after Ten Years Off Screen, 5.00
85--Keanu Reeves, 10.00
Prevue 82 featuring Bob Hoskins also available at regular price.

PREVUE interviewed a legion of actresses on major productions; these 23 are among the most outstanding. purchased separately they total $120. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $49.
46--Maud Adams, Nancy Allen, 5.00
51--Debbie Harry cover, 5.00
53--Loni Anderson, 5.00
55--Cynthia Sykes, Jane Seymour, Jennifer Jason Leigh, 5.00
58--Shelley Long, 5.00
60--Katharine Hepburn, 5.00
61--Kelly LeBrock, Maria Conchita Alonso, 5.00
63--Glenn Close, Mariel Hemingway, Kathleen Turner, 5.00
64--Angel Tompkins, Melanie Griffith, 5.00
65--Karen Black, Kristen Scott Thomas, Lois Hamilton, 5.00
66--Melody Anderson cover, Shirley MacLaine, Joan Chen, 5.00
67--Season Hubley, Ashley Ferrare, 5.00
68--Talia Shire, Kay Lenz, 5.00
69--Valerie Perrine, 5.00
70--Diane Keaton, Catharine Mary Stewart; Madonna, 5.00
71--Geena Davis cover & Interview, Sherilyn Fenn, 5.00
75--Melanie Griffith, Talisa Soto, Nancy Metty, Amanda Pays, 5.00
76--Kate Capshaw, 5.00
78--K.C. Winkler; Sally Field, 5.00
79--Nancy Allen, Anne Archer, Sally Kirkland, Kelly McGillis, 5.00
81--Whoopi Goldberg, Mariel Hemingway, Ally Sheedy, Valerie Perrine, Nancy Allen, 5.00
85--Linda Hamilton: Tough Talk from T2¹s Tenacious Tiger, 10.00
92--Holly Hunter, 5.00

PREVUE published a series of annual All-Woman issues that ranked among the most popular with readers (probably had something to do with the outrageous interviews and the hot pictorials)! Purchased separately, they total $25. SPECIAL SALE ON THE STACK: $12.
55--All-Woman Issue: Sybil Danning cover story; Brooke Shields/Sahara; Daryl Hannah/Splash; Jane Seymour/Lassiter; Jennifer Jason Leigh; Jessica Lange interview, 5.00
63--All-Woman Issue: Sybil Danning cover story; Meryl Streep interview; Mariel Hemingway; Kathleen Turner/Untamed; Daryl Hannah/The Clan of the Cave Bear; Caroline Munro; Wendy O. Williams; Glenn Close, 5.00
69--All-Woman Spectacular: Witches of Eastwick cover & story with Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer & Cher; Elizabeth Taylor; Kim Basinger/Nadine; Jamie Gertz/The Lost Boys; Meg Ryan/Innerspace; Diane Lane/The Big Town; Ann-Margret/A Tiger¹s Tale; Madonna/Who¹s That Girl?; Lisa Bonet/Angel Heart; Phoebe Cates/Date with an Angel; Ally Sheedy & Valerie Perrine/Maid to Order; Nancy Allen/Robocop, 5.00
75--Super Women Issue: Sybil Danning cover story/L.A. Bounty; Melanie Griffith/Working Girl; Alison Doody/Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade;Talisa Soto/License to Kill; Nancy Mette/Life on the Edge; Kim Basinger/Batman; Maria Ford/Stripped to Kill 2; Amanda Pays/Leviathan; Sigourney Weaver/ Ghostbusters, 5.00
79--All-Woman Spectacular: Goldie Hawn (& Mel Gibson) cover story/Bird on a Wire; Jane Fonda interview; Traci Lords/Cry Baby/Nancy Allen/Robocop 2; Kathleen Turner,/War of the Roses; Brinke Stevens interview; Anne Archer/Narrow Margin; Belinda Carlisle; Theresa Russell; Phoebe Cates; Sally Kirkland interview; Jodie Foster/Silence of the Lambs; Kelly McGillis/Cat Chase; Glenn Close/Immediate Family, 5.00

PREVUE covered its share of animated projects and some history, as well. Purchased separately, these 9 issues total $50. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $32.
21--Animation Special: From Windsor McCay to Walt Disney; Looney Tunes Centerspread; Jay Ward & friends; Bob Clampett, 5.00
25--Funny Animals! Howard the Duck; Frazetta Funnies of the '50s; The Waddler; Italian Fantasy Allegro Non Troppo, Barks, 5.00
35--Battle of the Afternoon Warriors: Japanese Animation, 5.00
44--Heavy Metal: Animating the Impossible plus 40-page Flipbook and Pull-out Poster, 5.00
48--Animation Preview: Disney's high-tech game-world thriller Tron, 10.00
50--Fire & Ice: Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi team up for Cinematic Sorcery, 5.00
54--The Frazetta Interview: Animating the Fantastic, 5.00
61--Disney's The Black Cauldron, 5.00
72--Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Bob Hoskins, Jessica Rabbit and Company, 5.00

PREVUE often focused its spotlight on the Austrian Oak with spectacular results! Purchased separately, the 13 issues listed below total $70. SPECIAL SALE ON THE STACK: $30.
44--Conan, unique presentation booklet: first Conan photos, 5.00
46--The Making of Conan, 5.00
47--Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview: Part One, 5.00
48--Conan writer-director John Milius interview; Part Two: The Schwarzenegger Interview, 10.00
57--Interview with Grace Jones: Conan the Destroyer, 5.00
62--Commando: Can Arnold Outmuscle Rambo?, 5.00
64--Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger: Showdown of the Cinema Supermen, 5.00
72--Red Hot as the Red Cop in Red Heat, 5.00
74--Double Trouble: Arnold and Danny DeVito as Twins, 5.00
78--Total Recall Preview, 5.00
80--Total Recall: Double-length pictorial‹Schwarzenegger Crashes Mars!, 5.00
84--Arnold: Savior or Scourge in Terminator 2, 5.00
85--Terminator 2: Judgment Day‹Arnold's Rapid-Fire Rap-Up, 10.00
Prevue 82 featuring Kindergarten Cop is available at the regular price.

PREVUE was the most visually compelling magazine of its kind for many years, due to its imaginative design and the subjects it covered--from film animators to production designers! The 18 issues listed below collect the best of those features. Purchased separately, total is $100.95! SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $47.
16--The Mad World of Jack Davis; Bernie Wrightson interview; Gil Kane's unpublished Flame Horse; Vaughn Bode, Rich Corben, 5.00
20--Sword & Sorcery Special with Neal Adams, Barry Smith, Jack Katz, Wally Wood, Steranko, 5.00
21--John defaulter of Mars­Bob Clampett's lost film; Rocky, Bullwinkle & Jay Ward, Animation History, 5.00
26--The Star Wars the Never Was: concepts, characters & scripts that didn't make it to the finish; McQuarrie, Jung, Druillet, 5.00
28--In-depth interview with Mike Kaluta and reproducing rare art; Wally Wood, Gray Morrow, Jack Kirby, more, 5.00
29--Battlestar Galactica: Ralph McQuarrie's unseen production art; Joe Johnston centerspread bonus, 5.00
30--Ralph McQuarrie portfolio of production art and interview on Star Wars and Close Encounters; Kirby's Silver Surfer, 5.00
33--All-Art Poster Special; Windsor-Smith, Alcala, Steranko, Russell, Nebres, Jones, Thorne, Wrightson, Adkins, Kaluta, others, 5.00
34--The Magic Pen of Joseph Clement Coll, Buck Rogers poster by William Stout, 5.00
35--Unpublished Aliens preproduction art: Giger designs, Ron Cobb illustrations, Moebius centespread, Ridley Scott storyboards, The Sorcerers Hildebrandt, 5.00
36--Buck Rogers: The Production Art of William Stout; Unpublished Doug Wildey Martian Chronicles strip; Stars My Destination centerspread, 5.00
37--Virgil Finlay: The Man behind the Pen‹illustrated feature, 5.00
38--Syd Mead in the 21st Century; Illustrated Interview with Conan Storyboard Artist William Stout and Art Director Ron Cobb, 5.00
40--All-Art Special: Steranko, Corben, Williamson, Nebres, Elias, Redondo, Adams, Miller, Wolverton, Golden, Russell, Everett, 5.00
42--Flash Gordon and the Storyboards of Mongo: Behind the scenes with Artist Mentor Huebner; Art of Barry Windsor-Smith, 5.00
45--Heavy Metal the Movie: bonus 80-page flipbook & pull-out poster; Outland graphic novel adaptation by Steranko, 10.00
47--Blade Runner: Syd Mead and the visual concepts behind the film classic, 5.00
54--The Frazetta Interview: Steranko interrogates America's Favorite Fantasy Artist, 5.00
Also included: THE MIKE HINGE EXPERIENCE--a dynamite 10x14" volume packed with futuristic and exotic high-tech art illustration, regularly-priced at 5.95.

PREVUE placed a heavy emphasis on the Superman and Batman flicks. Purchased separately, they would total $60. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $27.
26--Christopher Reeve: Profile of the big screen's Superman, 5.00
29--Christopher Reeve: Superman 2 Preview, 5.00
41--Christopher Reeve: Somewhere in Time, 5.00
42--Christopher Reeve: Superman 2, 5.00
44--Superman II: Conflict and Controversy as The Adventure Continues, 5.00
47--Deathtrap with Chris Reeve tackles a three-character whodunit, 5.00
58--Helen Slater as Supergirl; Christopher Reeve in The Aviator, 5.00
68--Christopher Reeve: Superman IV, 5.00
69--Mariel Hemingway interview: Superman IV, 5.00
75--Kim Basinger steams up the night and Batman, 5.00
76--Batman: Special Four-part Issue goes on location for the inside story of the production, 5.00
92--Kilmer Cops Keaton Cowl, Two Robins Fly, Another Roosts, 5.00

PREVUE specialized in coverage of action flicks in colorful and exotic locations that constantly challenged the actors and filmmakers‹and generated hot copy! Purchased separately they total $95. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $30.
13--The Great Waldo Pepper with Robert Redford; Tom McLaughlin as Billy Jack, 5.00
43--The Lone Ranger (20-page insert book); Popeye: Robin Williams & Spinach!, 5.00
50--First Blood: The Private War of Sylvester Stallone; 48 Hrs., 5.00
51--High Road to China: Tom Selleck Throttles into Exotic Adventure, 5.00
53--Yellowbeard: Graham Chapman sets sail under a flag of Skull & Funny Bones, 5.00
54--The Right Stuff: Seven men Against the Stars, 5.00
55--Sahara: A Scorching Thrill-A-Minute Desert Trek with Brooke Shields, 5.00
56--Streets of Fire: On Location with Walter Hill, Greystoke: On Cinematic Safari, 5.00
60--Rambo Back in Action: On the Set of First Blood with Sly Stallone, 5.00
61--Damn the Destroyer: Fred Ward Becomes Super Patriot Remo Williams, 5.00
62--King Solomon¹s Mines: In Africa with Richard Chamberlain & Sharon Stone, 5.00
64--Big Trouble in Little China: On Loction with Kurt Russell, 5.00
65--Lost City of Gold: Richard Chamberlain Returns to Africa, 5.00
66--Sky Bandits: So ya never heard of it, but it was filmed--honest!, 5.00
72--Rambo III: The Secret War of Sylvester Stallone, 5.00
74--Farewell to the King: Nick Nolte visits the Heart of Darkness, 5.00
77--Old Gringo: Gregory Peck, Jane Fonda, Jimmy Smits, 5.00
81--Memphis Belle: Ten Actors become Aerial Warhawks, 5.00
84--The Rocketeer: 12-part Spectacular, Costner¹s Robin Hood, 5.00
Comixscene 9 featuring The Three Musketeers and Prevue 82 featuring Rocky V are also available at the regular price.

Here's more Harrison Ford and dynamite on-set coverage of the SF classic. Purchased separately, they total $25. SPECIAL ON ALL FOUR ISSUES: $15.
46--Blade Runner: On the set with Harrison Ford, 5.00
47--Syd Mead: The Art of Blade Runner, 5.00
48--Blade Runner: Harrison Ford is Rick Deckard, 10.00
49--Ridley Scott: On The Future of Blade Runner, 5.00

PREVUE featured action superstar Charles Bronson frequently. Purchased separately, these six issues total $30. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.
47--Death Wish, 5.00
61--Back on the Streets in Death Wish 3, 5.00
63--Death Wish 3, 5.00
64--Murphy's Law, 5.00
67--Assassination, 5.00
73--Messenger of Death, 5.00

PREVUE covered many Clint Eastwood projects. Purchased separately, they total $50. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $24.
14--The Eiger Sanction, 5.00
48--Firefox: Infiltrator, Soldier, Pilot, Spy, 10.00
51--Career Interview, 5.00
57--Tightrope, 5.00
60--Pale Rider, 5.00
67--Heartbreak Ridge: Engaging the Cinema Battlefield, 5.00
72--The Dead Pool: Harry Callahan takes a Dive, 5.00
78--White Hunter Black Heart: Reliving the Legend of the African Queen, 5.00
81--White Hunter Black Heart: Filmmaker with an Obsession, 5.00
Prevue 82 also available at regular price and features The Rookie with Charlie Sheen

PREVUE began publication as COMIXSCENE (6 issues), and featured comics-related material throughout its run, often reproducing rare and unpublished art and strips, penetrating interviews, and revealing profiles. The 16 issues listed below are the cream of the crop and purchased separately total $80. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $39.
5--S&S in the Comics, The Trials of Dagar, Steranko color cover and centerspread (second section only), 5.00
16--Vaughn Bode Tribute; interview with Bernie Wrightson; Richard Corben on Creating the Graphic Novel, 5.00
20--Neal Adams' Heroic Fantasy cover; Jack Katz' The First Kingdom, Wallace Wood's Wizard King; Barry Smith Conan poster, 5.00
24--Alfredo Alcala profile plus full-coclor Voltar centerspread, 5.00
25--Funny Animals: Carl Barks profile; Howard the Duck; The Waddler, 5.00
28--Wallace Wood's complete Bucky Ruckus newspaper strip reprint; Kirby's unpublished The Prisoner; Mike Kaluta interview, 5.00
29--Neal Adams on comics & copyrights, 5.00
30--Don't Sign This Contract, Cosmic Silver: The Surfer Graphic Novel
31--Roy Thomas on Marvel's TV Heroes; Breaking into Comics Part 1 by Steranko; Sabre preview, Comics' Guild, DC Explosion, 5.00
34--Buck Rogers: On the set with comics' first space hero plus William Stout poster, 5.00
37--Paper Girls: Comics' classic pin-ups from Blondie to Torchy, 5.00
38--Jack Kirby's Black Hole adaptation; Neal Adams' production art for Childhood's End, 5.00
41--The Empire of Al Williamson; Jack Kirby visualizes Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light, Batman, 5.00
42--Terry & the Pirates film project; Silver Surfer production art; The Film Art of Barry Smith, 5.00
43--Flash Gordon & the Lone Ranger on the big screen: Al Williamson on the Planet Mongo, 5.00
47--In Memoriam: Wallace Wood, 5.00
78--Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Behind the Scenes with creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, 5.00
84--The Rocketeer: Special 12-part coverage with Dave Stevens' commentary, 5.00

PREVUE featured the crime/mystery/detective genre in most issues. These12 typify the range and subject matter, and when purchased separately, total $60. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $29.
13--Sherlock Holmes: The Multi-media career of the World's Greatest Detective, 5.00
42--The Man with Bogart's Face: Robert Sacchi Interview, 5.00
49--Hammett on Screen: Frederic Forrest recreates the original hard-boiled detective, 5.00
50--I, The Jury: Armand Assante becomes Mike Hammer, Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs., 5.00
51--Sam Elliott is John D. MacDonald's tough guy Travis McGee, 5.00
57--Tightrope: Clint Eastwood finds a new character and a new director, 5.00
58--Stacy Keach is Mike Hammer, Melanie Griffith in Fear City, Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, Richard Gere in Cotton Club, 5.00
62--Death Wish 3: On Set, Naked Edge director Richard Marquand, Target, 5.00
67--Wanted: Dead or Alive‹Rutger Hauer tracks Gene Simmons, 5.00
68--Edward Woodward: On the set with The Equalizer, 5.00
74--Dead Bang: Don Johnson Blows his Cover, 5.00
77--Black Rain: Michael Douglas Issues a Storm Warning, 5.00
Prevue 82--Godfather III: On the set with Andy Garcia and Al Pacino available at regular price.

PREVUE interviewed a legion of directors on major productions; these 24 are among the most outstanding. Purchased separately they total $125. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $49.
41--Irv Kershner (Empire Strikes Back) plus Production Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie, 5.00
42--George Lucas (Empire Strikes back) plus Producer Gary Kurtz; John Landis (The Blues Brothers), 5.00
43--William Fraker (Legend of the Lone Ranger) bonus book, John Carpenter, Joe Dante, David Cronenberg, Oliver Stone, 5.00
46--Steven Spielberg (Raiders of the Lost Ark); John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), 5.00
47--Michael Winner: On the set with the director of Death Wish, 5.00
48--John Milius (Conan); Richard Brooks (Wrong is Right), 10.00
49--Ridley Scott (Blade Runner); Author Robert Bloch (Psycho), 5.00
51--Richard Franklin (Psycho II), 5.00
52--Richard Marquand (Return of the Jedi); Hal Needham (Smokey and the Bandit), 5.00
53--The Dangerous Dreams of Nicholas Meyer, 5.00
57--John Huston Career Interview, Richard Tuggle on Tightrope, 5.00
58--David Lynch (Dune), 5.00
60--Joe Dante (Explorers); Richard Donner (The Goonies), 5.00
61--George Miller (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome); George Romero (Day of the Dead), 5.00
62--Richard Marquand (Jagged Edge), 5.00
65--James Cameron (Aliens), 5.00
66--David Lynch (Blue Velvet), 5.00
67--Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek IV), 5.00
70--Steven Spielberg (Empire of the Sun), 5.00
74--Ken Russell (The Lair of the White Worm), 5.00
77--Terry Jones (Erik the Viking), 5.00
80--Joe Dante: Raising Hell with Gremlins 2, 5.00
81--Sam Raimi (Darkman), 5.00
89--Francis Ford Coppola (Bram Stoker's Dracula); Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness), 5.00

PREVUE covered Dune extensively in a sensational series of seven issues. Purchased separately, they total $40. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $24.
53--Dune: A First Look at the new science fiction epic with Kyle MacLachlan, 5.00
54--The Genesis of Dune: Frank Herbert's Masterpiece goes from Fiction to Film, 5.00
55--The Rebel Mistress of Dune: Francesca Annis and the Women of Dune, 5.00B
56--The Master Builders of Dune: From Spaceships to Cities--Creating Herbert's World, 10.00
57--The Legend Maker of Dune: Frank Herbert on the Filming of his Epic Masterpiece, 5.00
58--The Warrior Director of Dune: David Lynch reveals his cinematic battle tactics, 5.00
59--The Power Players of Dune: Behind the Scenes with Kyle MacLachlan, 5.00

PREVUE spotlighted fantasy--particularly in cinema--throughout its run. Always focusing on the spectaculary visual aspects, the publication covered major, obscure, and even never-made projects. Purchased separately, the 24 issues listed below would total $120. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $39.
5--The Evolution of Sword & Sorcery, Conan of the Pulps, etc.; Steranko cover & centerspread (2nd section only), 5.00
13--Brian DePalma's Phantom of the Paradise, 5.00
21--Behind the scenes with Dino DeLaurentiis' King Kong, 5.00
24--Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Metal Messiah, Red Sonja pictorial, Voltar centerspread, 5.00
41--Clash of the Titans: Ray Harryhausen & company create a New Cinematic Mythology, 5.00
49--Beastmaster: On the set of the new Sword & Sorcery Epic, 5.00
50--Muppeteer Jim Henson conjures up The Dark Crystal; Frazetta¹s Fire & Ice, 5.00
51--Wizards and Warriors: TV trackles swords & sorcery in a new comedy-fantasy series, 5.00
52--Krull, Space Hunter: 3D SF Epic, Monty Python's Meaning of Life, 5.00
53--Yellowbeard: Graham Chapman and his fellow Pythons cross cinematic swords, 5.00
57--The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Conan the Destroyer and Grace Jones, 5.00
59--Michelle Pfeiffer on set with Ladyhawke, Daryl Hannah joins The Clan of the Cave Bear, 5.00
60--The Goonies: On the set with director Richard Donner, Joe Dante Interview: Explorers, 5.00
61--Brazil director Terry Gilliam, The Black Cauldron, Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, 5.00
63--Clan of the Cave Bear: Daryl Hannah in Prehistoric Hell, 5.00
64--Tom Cruise in Legend; Stephen King's fantasy thriller Maximum Overdrive, 5.00
66--King Kong Lives (really?); Little Shop of Horrors, 5.00
67--The Golden Child: Eddie Murphy Raises Hell!, 5.00
68--Masters of the Universe: On location with He-Man to save the universe, 5.00
71--George Lucas Conjures the Magic of Willow, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, 5.00
72--The Making of Willow: Val Kilmer storms the fortress of the imagination, 5.00
77--The Terry Jones Interview: Erik the Viking, 5.00
78--Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Behind the Scenes of Comics' Craziest Action Comedy, 5.00
80--Gremlins 2: Raising hell with Director Joe Dante, 5.00

PREVUE featured the world-class fantasy illustrator in several issuzes, including the three below, which would cost $15 when purchased separately--PLUS we'll include two mint-condition, out-of-print Frazetta calendars (retail value 9.90 for the set) and Magic of Frazetta and More Magic of Frazetta (retail $10.) Total value if purchased separately, $$34.90. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $25.
25--Frazetta Funnies of the '50s--heavily illustrated with rare reproductions, 5.00
50--Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi team on S&S adventure Fire & Ice, 5.00
54--The Frazetta Interview, plus unpublished art from the film Fire & Ice, 5.00
PLUS 2 Frazetta calendars and Magic of Frazetta and More Magic of Frazetta

PREVUE highlighted Harrison Ford in the Indy thrillers--and his other films--in 13 issues (except the Star Wars issues), which, when purchased separately, total $75. SPECIAL SALE ON THE STACK: $39.
Ford fans: Pass on this now and you'll regret it later!!!
43--Exclusive: Raiders Full-Color Pull-Out Posterbook of Steranko Production Paintings, 5.00
45--Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Harrison Ford Interview, 5.00
46--Raiders: The Steven Spielberg Interview; Blade Runner: On the set with Harrison Ford, 5.00
48--Blade Runner Film Preview, 10.00
55--Indiana Jones and the Cliffhanger Queens, 5.00
56--The Temple of Doom: Blockbuster 12-page color Pictorial on the Making of the Film, 10.00
59--Two-page Witness preview with on-set quotes from Harrison Ford, 5.00
66--Photo-packed preview of Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford, 5.00
71--Full-color photo preview of the suspense thriller Frantic with Harrison Ford, 5.00
74--Working Girl cover story with exclusive Harrison Ford interview, 5.00
75--Six-page Pictorial: Alison Doody romances Harrison Ford in The Last Crusade, 5.00
76--Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Behind the scenes coverage of the action epic, 5.00
80--Preview: Harrison Ford is tried for murder in Presumed Innocent, 5.00

PREVUE uncovered a host of horror-related projects, of these these 21 were the most outstanding. Purchased individually, they total $110. SPECIAL SALE ON THE STACK: $39.
13--Brian DePalma's Phantom of the Paradise, The Stepford Wives, 5.00 37--The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 5.00
46--An American Werewolf in London: Director John Landis bares his teeth, Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween II, Rocky Horror sequel, 5.00
47--Stephen King Interview, Creepshow, Debbie Harry tunes in to Videodrome, 5.00
48--The Thing: On the set of John Carpenter's special FX remake, 10.00
49--The Robert Bloch Interview: From pulps to Psycho and back!, 5.00
51--Behind the scenes with Tony Perkins on the Psycho sequel, Videodrome tune-in!, 5.00
52--Carradine, Cushing, Price and Lee haunt The House of Long Shadows, 5.00
54--Christine: Stephen Kind and John Carpenter team up for a full-throttle thriller, 5.00
55--Gremlins: Joe Dante reveals how he got them on screen, 5.00
56--Ghostbusters: Who ya gonna call...?, 5.00
59--Day of the Dead: George Romero is Back!, 5.00
60--The Bride: Sting and Jennifer Beals, Lifeforce, Day of the Dead: Zombies by George, 5.00
61--I'm Fine! Horror You? George Romero Interview, 5.00
64--Maximum Overdrive: Stephen King Shifts into High Gear Horror, 5.00
65--Tony Perkins Brings Norman Bates Back to Life in Psycho 3, 5.00
73--The Robert Englund Interview: Freddy talks, we scream (with laughter!), 5.00
74--Under the Snarl: Robert Englund Unmasked, 5.00
77--Robert Englund's Phantom Diary, 5.00
81--Darkman: Creator Sam Raimi reveals the Face of Fear, Witches of Eastwick, 5.00
89--Dracula: Exclusive report of Coppola¹s epic by PREVUE's insider Jim Steranko, Army of Darkness, 5.00
Prevue 45 featuring John Carpenter, Joe Dante and David Cronenberg available at regular price.
Prevue 82 featuring Psycho Revisited: screenwriter Joe Stefano showers us with the secrets behind the fear classic available at regular price.

PREVUE published a series of features predicated on works by the King of Comics. The six listed below total $30 if purchased separately. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $16.
28--The Prisoner: Kirby's unpublished comic-book adaptation, 5.00
30--Silver Surfer: Special preview of Lee and Kirby¹s new collaboration, 5.00
31--Exclusive Preview of Jack Kirby¹s new FF TV Storyboards‹with Roy Thomas interview, 5.00
38--The Black Hole: Kirby adapts the film to comic-strip format, 5.00
41--Lord of Light: Kirby visualizes Roger Zelazny's Epic as a Cosmic Theme Park, 5.00
44--Preview of Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers, 5.00

PREVUE published many major features on the 007 thrillers. Purchased separately, the 13 issues listed below would total $65. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $29.
24--The Spy Who Loved Me Preview, 5.00
36--Moonraker Pictorial Preview, 5.00
44--For Your Eyes Only: Roger Moore renews his 007 license for the Twelfth Time, 5.00
52--Sean Connery returns as 007 in Never Say Never; outrageous Roger Moore interview, 5.00
53--Maud Adams cover story: Going undercover with the femme fatales of Octopussy, 5.00
54--Sean Connery changes his mind about 007--again! Never Say Never Again, 5.00
59--Roger Moore sets his sights on another 007 assignment: A View to a Kill, 5.00
60--A View to a Kill: Grace Jones and Tanya Roberts explore their killer instincts, 5.00
67--Change of Bond: Timothy Dalton joins Her Majesty's Secret Service, 5.00
68--Timothy Dalton ignites The Living Daylights, 5.00
69--Women in Bondage: Pictorial Feature on the beauties in 007's bedroom, 5.00
74--The New Bond: Timothy Dalton earns his License to Kill, 5.00
75--Talisa Soto: Takes on a Dangerous Assignment in License to Kill, 5.00

PREVUE covered a wave of martial arts films, including the seven issues listed below. Purchased separately, they total $40.SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $29.
47--The Challenge: Director John Frankenheimer puts an edge on Honor, 5.00
49--The Chuck Norris Interview: Hollywood, Heroes and Bruce Lee, 5.00
51--Mr. T Talks! You Betta Listen!, 5.00
71--The Steven Seagal Interview, 5.00
73--Dolph Lundgren in Red Scorpion, Rapping with Chuck Norris, 5.00
74--Face-kicking rap with Jean-Claude Van Damme, 5.00
85--Ten Martial Arts Champions challenge Steven Seagal to a real fight!, Hulk Hogan, Brandon Lee, 10.00

PREVUE featured Mel Gibson in many issues, including the 11 listed here. Purchased separately, they total $60. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $27.
48--The Return of Mad Max: On the Road with Mel Gibson, 10.00
58--The River Film Preview: Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek battle the forces of nature, 5.00
59--Mad Max 3: Film Preview with many photos, 5.00
60--Beyond Thunderdome: On location with Mel Gibson & Tina Turner--10-page feature, 5.00
61--Mad Max: Double-length interview with director George Miller, 5.00
68--Leathal Weapon Cover Story: Face to Face with Mel Gibson and his wild rogue cop, 5.00
73--Mel Gibson: A Straight-up Conversation on the set of Tequila Sunrise, 5.00
74--Tequila Sunrise: Behind-the-scenes with Mel Gibson, 5.00
76--Lethal Weapon 2: Double-length on-set feature with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, 5.00
79--Cover Story: Bird on a Wire with Goldie Hawn, 5.00
81--Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. take off on the set of Air America, 5.00

PREVUE covered its share of the music scene, particularly with artists who crossed over to film. Purchased separately, they total $105.SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $85.
14--The Filming of Tommy with Tina Turner, Elton John, Roger Daltry, 5.00
44--The Soul of Isaac Hayes, 5.00
46--Roger Daltry and the Who Break Out in a Dangerous, New Direction, 5.00
48--Hall & Oates, 10.00
49--Karla DeVito spotlight, Sting talks about his move from music to movies, 5.00
51--The Debbie Harry Interview, Linda Ronstadt in The Pirates of Penzance, Brian Setzer, 5.00
52--Steve Winwood talks back to the Night, 5.00
53--Barry Gibb: Saturday Night with the BeeGees, 5.00
54--Simon and Garfunkel: Back by Popular Request, 5.00
55--Laura Brannigan: On Tour, 5.00
56--Heart: Rock 'n' Roll is about sex!, 5.00
58--The Tina Turner Interview, 5.00
59--Gene Simmons: Will he kiss off music for movies?, 5.00
61--Madonna: From Boy Toy to Playboy, 5.00
62--Wendy O. Williams: Skull-ripping rap with the Queen of Wreck 'n' Roll, 5.00
70--The Madonna Interview: From Music to Movies to Marriage, 5.00
71--The Michael Jackson Interview (Well, we did hold out for a long time, didn't we?), 5.00
77--"Call me Papa Bo!" The Bo Diddley Interview: Chunka-Chunka-Chunk!!! Chunk-Chunk, 5.00
79--Belinda Carlisle Changes her Tune and Discovers a New Harmony, 5.00
80--Madonna: Voguing it out with the Material Girl, 5.00

PREVUE generated numerous pulp-related features, all heavily-illustrated and written by Steranko. Purchased separately the 12 issues listed below total $60. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $32.
5--Conan of the Pulps, The Evolution of Heroic Fantasy (second section only), 5.00
14--The Great Pulp Heroes: Spawn of the Shadow with vintage cover reproductions, Color Shadow cover & centerspread, 5.00
16--Walter Gibson: Opening the Secret Files of The Shadow's Creator, 5.00
17--How I Paint The Shadow, 50 Rarest Pulps: The controversy that made pulp fans roar with rancor, Origins of the Pulp Heroes, 5.00
34--The Chronology of Buck Rogers, 5.00
37--Virgil Finlay: The Man Behind the Pen, 5.00
47--Robert Bloch: From Pulps to Psycho and Back, 5.00
55--From Comics to Cinema: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, comes to the Screen, 5.00
56--Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan--7-page on-location feature story, 5.00
57--Sheena Cover Story: Tanya Roberts of the Jungle --11-page photo-packed feature, 5.00
84--Massive 12-part Rocketeer Report (If this isn't pulp, we don't know what is!), 5.00
92--Hot Ju-Ju! She-Cats of the Pulps: spotlighting full-color jungle-girl cover reproductions, 5.00

PREVUE excelled in provocative interviews and pin-up layouts of cult actresses and scream queens. These 21 issues are exceptional examples of the approach that made the magazine famous. Purchased separately, they total $110. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $55.
37--Caroline Munro: Revealing pictorial on the screen's hottest siren, 5.00
44--Morgan Fairchild: Interview with TV¹s Hottest Bitch Goddess, Jamie Lee Curtis Interview, 5.00
46--Bo Derek pictorial interview, Nancy Allen, Maud Adams, Jamie Lee Curtis, 5.00
49--Sandahl Bergman: Interview with Conan's Warrior Woman, 5.00
50--Joan Collins: Surviving the Sex Symbol Dynasty, 5.00
53--Loni Anderson: Sex Symbol, Funny Lady, Actress, Mother; Phoebe Cates Pictorial, 5.00
54--Barbara Carrera: Who can make Fatima Blush?, 5.00
55--Brooke Shields: A Mile-a-minute Interview on the set of Sahara, Jessica Lange Talks, 5.00
56--Laurene Landon Interview: Crash! Crack! Crunch!, 10.00
57--Tanya Roberts tells all about the Making of Sheena, 5.00
59--Tawny Kitaen uncovered in The Perils of Gwendoline, Invasion of the V Girls, 5.00
63--Caroline Munro Close-Up: Sizzling pictorial, 5.00
64--Laurene Landon cover, interview, photo layout, 5.00
68--Kay Lenz strips to the soul in a killer interview, Shannon Tweed Talks, 5.00
73--Elvira cover story: The Cassandra Peterson Interview, 5.00
75--Maria Ford uncovered in a steamy, stripped-down interview, 5.00
77--Linnea Quigley cover and interview--one of the wildest & funniest we've ever run! And the photos ain't bad either!, 5.00
78--KC Winkler: Hot pictorial and interview with the cinema sexpot, 5.00
79--Brinke Stevens Interview; Traci Lords in Cry Baby, 5.00
89--Monique Gabrielle interview and sizzling pictorial, 5.00
92--Michelle Bauer, Irish McCalla, Tempest Storm Interviews; Traci Lords; Maria Ford, Pictorial History of Jungle Girls, 5.00

PREVUE specialized in science fiction and fantasy coverage and was often the first to run extensive features on now-classic epics, such as STAR WARS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS--they read like film history! Purchased together, these 12 issues total $60. SPECIAL ON ALL FOUR ISSUES: $29.
13--SciFi in paperback, 5.00
15--Space 1999, 5.00
28--Close Encounters (we broke the story!), Jack Kirby's unpublished version of The Prisoner, 5.00
29--Battlestar Galactica: 3-part feature with McQuarrie art; Caroline Munro in Starcrash, Empire, 5.00
30--Battlestar Galactica: Behind the Scenes with full-color McQuarrie portfolio; SF Spectacular, 5.00
34--SF Prevue: Meteor, Shape of Things to Come, Time After Time, Buck Rogers: 2-part special, 5.00
35--Alien: 3-Part Special, Art by Giger, Cobb and Ridley Scott, Moebius cover & centerspread, 5.00
36--Bradbury's Martian Chronicles; unpubbed Doug Wildey strip; Alfred Bester, Buck Rogers, 5.00
38--Childhood's End: Bringing Clarke's classic to the screen‹with Neal Adams' production art, 5.00
41--Saturn 3 with Kirk Douglas & Farrah Fawcett, Bester's Golem 100, Somewhere in Time, 5.00
42--Flash Gordon and the Storyboards of Mongo: Exclusive 20-page Book of Production Art, 5.00
43--The Flash Gordon Storybook: Exclusive 20-page, photo-packed bonus filmbook, 5.00
Comixscene 9 featuring The New SciFi publications is available at regular price.

The 17 issues listed below would total $80 when purchased separately. SPECIAL ON ALL FOUR ISSUES: $37.
44--Outland: Steranko adapts the SF film to the comics form; Escape from New York, 5.00
48--John Carpenter's The Thing, Mad Max 2, Tron, 10.00
49--Blade Runner: Ridley Scott Reveals a Dark and Dangerous Future, 5.00
52--Peter Strauss spaces out in 3D: Space Hunter, 5.00
57--Peter Weller stars in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, 5.00
58--Starman; Arthur C. Clarke's 2010; David Lynch's Dune, Runaway, Supergirl, 5.00
59--Invasion of the V Girls Pictorial, Day of the Dead, 5.00
60--Life Force; Day of the Dead, 5.00
61--Steven Spielberg & Amazing Stories, Director George Miller on Mad Max 3, Brazil, 5.00
64--Cherry 2000: On the set with Melanie Griffith, Invaders from Mars, 5.00
65--Aliens director James Cameron breaks new cinematic ground , 5.00
69--Nancy Allen on location with Robocop, 5.00
70--Peter Weller on location with Robocop; World Gone Wild, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, 5.00
75--Leviathan: Amanda Pays Films the Nightmare, 5.00
76--Michael Biehn interview on The Abyss, 5.00
77--Communion: Chris Walken Encounters Alien Terror, 5.00
80--Total Recall, 7-part spectacular; Peter Weller cranks up for Robocop 2, 5.00

PREVUE covered many Star Trek films and these six issues represent the cream of the crop. When purchased separately, they total $30. SPECIAL SALE PRICE FOR THE WORKS: $17.
31--Filming the Final Frontier-Star Trek: The Enterprise Troopers Reunite One More Time!, 5.00
37--The Trek Ahead: Plotting the Final Frontier, 5.00
53--Nicholas Meyer after Star Trek: The Day After, 5.00
66--George Takei takes the bridge of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, 5.00
67--Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home--The Leonard Nimoy Interview, 5.00
85--Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner take their final enterprise in Star Trek VI, 5.00
BONUS: We'll include the Steranko full-color poster STARSHIP CREW in the package!!!

PREVUE publisher/editor/designer contributed many major images and features to the magazine. The 17 listed below are among the most collectible, many of which were published exclusively in the magazine. Purchased separately, they would total $85. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $44.
5--Sword & Sorcery Issue: Steranko cover & centerspread (second section only), 5.00
13--Waldo Pepper aviation cover, plus Sherlock Holmes color centerspread poster, 5.00
14--Shadow cover and color centerspread by Steranko, 5.00
16--Full-page Shadow painting by Steranko, plus many vintage pulp cover reproductions, 5.00
18--"How I Paint the Shadow" by Steranko, plus color centerspread painting of his hardboiled detective Chandler , 5.00
20--50 Years of Swords & Sorcery Cinema: photo-packed retrospective with color centerspread art by Steranko, 5.00
24--Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger with full-color cover by Steranko, 5.00
31--Breaking Into the Comics: Part 1 by Steranko, plus cover: The 3D Future, Hulk centerspread with Dan Adkins, 5.00
33--All-Art Issue: Spider-Man, Agent of Shield; Super Holiday centerspread; The Eyes of El Borak (RE Howard)‹all by Steranko, 5.00
34--Buck Rogers cover college and fantastic color centerspread by Steranko, 5.00
36--Martian Chronicles cover art, 5.00
37--The Paper Girls: Four-color Femmes from Blondie to Sonja, 5.00
40--All-Art Issue: Captain America by Steranko, 5.00
41--Star Wars wraparound cover in 12x18" format by Steranko heralds PREVUE's first 100-page issue, 5.00
43--Raiders of the Lost Ark full-color production art pull-out poster book by Steranko, 5.00
44--Outland: Steranko adapts the Sfilm to the comics form, 5.00
89--Special Issue: Exclusive, first-person, triple-length account of DRACULA's transformation from experimental film to Gothic epic; Francis Coppola memos, meeting transcripts, behind-the-scenes viewpoint by Steranko, who functioned as the film's Project Conceptualist!, 5.00
Also see issues 18 and 32 for related material.

PREVUE interviewed a host of heavyweight actors; these 23 are among the most outstanding. Purchased separately they total $115.SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $85.
46--The Bo Derek Interview, 5.00
47--The Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview, 5.00
49--Charleton Heston interview, 5.00
51--The Clint Eastwood Interview, Bruce Dern, Debbie Harry, 5.00
55--The Brooke Shields Interview, Jessica Lange, 5.00
57--George Segal Interview; Roger Moore/The Naked Face; Rod Steiger, 5.00
58--Stacy Keach/Mike Hammer, 5.00
59--Gene Simmons Interview/Runaway, 5.00
60--Katharine Hepburn Interview, 5.00
62--The Michael Douglas Interview, 5.00
63--The Meryl Streep Interview, 5.00
65--The Robert Redford Interview, Jack Nicholson, Kurt Russell, Tony Perkins, 5.00
68--The Don Johnson Interview, 5.00
70--Sly Stallone Interview, 5.00
71--The Michael Jackson Interview, Geena Davis, 5.00
72--Cher: In the Winner's Circle, Bruce Willis Interview, 5.00
74--The Harrison Ford Interview, John Travolta, Kelly McGillis, Kathleen Turner, 5.00
75--Sigourney Weaver Interview, 5.00
78--Sean Connery Interview, Tom Cruise, Paul Newman, Sly Stallone & Kurt Russell inteview each other, 5.00
79--Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Kathleen Turner, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, 5.00
81--The Liz Taylor Interview, 5.00
84--Robin Williams: Tuned in, Turned on, Bummed out, 5.00
89--Daniel Day-Lewis Interview, 5.00

PREVUE featured many SWORD & SORCERY layouts‹including the Conan films--and these 15 represent the best of them. When purchased separately, they total $80. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $39.
16--Centerspread Preview of Gil Kane's The Flame Horse; Bloodstar: Richard Corben & Robert E. Howard, 5.00
20--Neal Adams cover; I Created Conan by RE Howard; 50 Years of Sword & Sorcery Cinema; Tolkien; Wood¹s Wizard King, 5.00
24--Heroic Adventure from Ulysses to Conan; Voltar centerspread by Alfredo Alcala; Red Sonja Live pictorial; Conan Speaks, 5.00
36--Wizards and Warriors: Swords and Sorcery clash on the TV screen, 5.00
38--Conan: First Coverage Anywhere; Interviews and art by Storyboard Artist William Stout and Art Director Ron Cobb, 5.00
39--Swords of Heaven: A thundering graphic novel by Michael Moorcock and Howard Chaykin, 5.00
46--The Making of Conan: Behind the scenes with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 5.00
47--I Am Conan: The Schwarzenegger Interview‹Part One, 5.00
48--Action rap with Conan writer-director John Milius; Schwarzenegger Interview‹Part Two, 10.00
49--Sandahl Bergman: The Warrior Woman of Conan; The Beastmaster: On Location, 5.00
50--Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi become the flint and steel elements of Fire & Ice, 5.00
52--Tracking the Barbarian: Cold Steel and Searing Sorcery On the Set of Krull, 5.00
57--Conan The Destroyer¹s Warrior Woman: The Grace Jones Interview, 5.00
60--The Deadly Sword of Red Sonja: Brigitte Nielsen cover story and interview, 5.00
68--The Barbarian Brothers show their stuff in, well uh, The Barbarians , 5.00
BONUS: We'll include a full-color poster of Steranko's Sword & Sorcery hero TALON in the package!!!

PREVUE featured sex goddess Sybil Danning in super pictorials in seven issues, which, when purchased separately, total $40. There's a lot of Sybil here, so you get your money's worth on this deal! SPECIAL SALE ON THE STACK: $19. (HEART ATTACK WARNING!)
48--Cover Story: Will Sybil challenge 007 in Octopussy? Spectacular Pin-up Pictorial, 10.00
55--Uncovering Sybil Danning--Cover Story: Red-Hot Interview and Photo Pictorial, 5.00
59--Heroine, Villainess, Werewolf, Alien: A Howl of an Interview about Howling II, 5.00
63--Cover Story: Adventure Has A New Name--Another Danning interview and pictorial, 5.00
69--Super Quiz for the Sybil Danning Connoisseur--plus more busty, lusty pin-up photos, 5.00
70--Cover and bonus 1988 Pin-up Calendar, 5.00
75--Super-hot Cover and On-Location Action Coverage of L.A. Bounty, 5.00

PREVUE featured Tom Selleck film projects in nine issues, which, when purchased separately, total $50. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $18.
50--Pictorial Preview: High Road to China: Will the real Indiana Jones please stand up? 5.00
51--High Road to China: On the set with Selleck's new high-flying adventure epic, 5.00
54--Lassiter: Selleck makes like Raffles as a Master Thief in '30s London, 5.00 55--He can steal anything! She hopes he does! Jane Seymour, Tom Selleck and Lassiter, 5.00 58--Runaway: A Futuristic Robot Fighter takes on Gene Simmons' Villainous Alter Ego, 5.00 74--Pictorial Preview: Her Alibi: Tom Selleck goes for laughs and Paulina Poritzkova, 5.00 77--Tom Selleck Interview: Breaking Out of Magnum's Image in An Innocent Man, 5.00 81--Cover Story: Tom Selleck takes aim at the offbeat Western Quigley Down Under, 5.00 85--Mr. Baseball: Tom Selleck swings for a comedy home run on the visiting team,s turf!, 10.00

PREVUE covered its share of cathode series, specials, and mini-series, and these 16 issues represent the best of the. Purchased sepatately, they total $80.SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $57.
29--The Making of Battlestar Galactica: Special three-part feature with Ralph McQuarrie art, 5.00
30--Behind the Scenes on Battlestar Galactica with a full-color Ralph McQuarrie Portfolio, 5.00
31--Marvel Superheroes on TV, 5.00
34--The Making of Buck Rogers: Special two-part feature with color cover and centerspread, 5.00
36--The Martian Chronicles: Ray Bradbury's SF classic becomes a major TV production, Buck Rogers production art , 5.00
47--Marco Polo: The TV Mini-series, 5.00
49--The Brass Monkey: On Location with Stephen Collins, 5.00
50--Interview with Dynasty's Joan Collins, Bruce Boxleitner Brings 'Em Back Alive, 5.00
51--Robert Mitchum/Winds of War; Sam Elliott /Travis McGee, Rich Chamberlain/Thornbirds, 5.00
52--Robert Vaughn & David McCallum team again for The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E., 5.00
53--Mr. T interview; Nicholas Meyer/The Day After, 5.00
55--20-Minute Workout: The Glamour Girls of TV Hottest Fitness Show, 5.00
59--Invasion of the V Girls: Science fiction and sex on TV, 5.00
61--Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, Dynastic Conversation with John Forsythe and Linda Evans, 5.00
66--Tai-Pan: Joan Chen returns to China to star in the Epic Spectacle, 5.00
68--Edward Woodward: On location with The Equalizer, 5.00


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