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Brand new, unadvertised videos detailed here for the first time!
All are imported directly from Japan. Each features 60 or more minutes of superb Hollywood motion-picture quality with a musical soundtrack, is in Japanese and has pixel-masked genitalia. Sexual intensity is much stronger than in US productions. The unusual fetishism depicted, which ranges from brutally kinky to electrifyingly bizarre, is considered a cultural and artistic manifestation in the Orient.

trained virgin2

TRAINED VIRGIN focuses on a beautiful Asian club dancer with waist-length hair, an exquisite figure, and an attitude about obeying her master. In a kinky leather outfit, she's taken away from work in a car, where her training begins immediately--in the backseat, publicly, so any drivers or passersby can witness her ordeal.

Methodically, she's stripped, fondled, fingered, and forced to perform oral sex on her captor. Although she squeals in resistance, she sucks his cock to a super erection and is rewarded with a mouthful of cream that drips from her lips and is wiped all over her face by her master (uncensored close-ups) in a powerfully erotic gesture of domination.

Arriving at an expensive hotel, she is immediately tied hands to ankles with her legs spread wide apart, revealing her shaved pussy. A squirming, red dildo is thrust into her mouth while her captor massages her clit and tongue fucks her into a passionate heat. As she screams for release, he fingers her relentlessly and rubs her slippery juices over her face and body. Then, bizarre dildos are thrust alternately into her mouth and cunt, as she sucks the cream from each against her will.

Dressed in leather panties, bra, high heels, and fishnets, she is taken to a public restroom, where her master ties her hands behind her back. Sucking her nipples hard, he proceeds to peel her panties down, finger her deeply, and play with her engorged clit. Suddenly, he rips a hole in the fishnets for better access and mercilessly inserts one finger after another into her.

trained virgin1 Bending her over a urinal, he then tears a hole in the back of the fishnets, spreads her cheeks wide apart, and brutally tongues the virgin cleft, before fucking her in the ass with a dildo. Crying in pleasure and pain, she is turned around and her clit is rubbed manually. Crying with humiliation, she urinates in a pan and is forced to drink some as punishment.

With her hands still tied behind her back and on her knees, she begins another cocksucking session. With his meat clutched tightly between her lips, he fucks her mouth until he blows a huge load (not pixel masked), drenching her face in thick, hot sperm that drips onto her neck and shoulders and is smeared onto her face and body.

Next, she's suspended by her wrists from a doorway, as her master pulls her sexy, black panties into her crotch. Her ass is pried apart, licked and probed with sticky fingers, then thumb fucked. Crimson clothespins are applied to her ample breasts and stiff nipples, after which she is whipped, and in tears, fucked from behind.

Retying her arms behind her back--the rope cutting through her shaved crotch--her master makes her crawl in humiliation on her knees and applies a scorching hot-wax treatment to her body with two large candles. The sight of her erect nipples covered with wax is too much for her aroused captor, who stuffs his engorged prick into her waiting mouth for a superb suck-off and a ball-wrenching climax that covers her face with a flood of steamy cum meant to satisfy her repressed hunger for hot cock! $59.95.

shamed & abused2

SHAMED & ABUSED is a real, hair-raising, new episode of advanced Asian bondage and humiliation that begins with a sexy Oriental babe giving her master a blowjob in a bathtub. Afterward, he watches as she squats above the tub while relieving herself.

It gives him an idea and they move outdoors, where she's tied with her wrists under her knees and suspended by ropes from a huge metal structure. With her ass so accessible, Mr. Goodbar gives her an enema using a quart of milk! He buttplugs her and hoists her twelve feet in the air, then pulls the stopper as she lets go in a white cascade all over the ground below.

Stripped to stockings and high heels, she is suspended again, this time spanked and fingered, after which the enema treatment is repeated--with TWO QUARTS OF MILK! He explores her clit and ass to his satisfaction, until she can't hold it anymore and becomes a human fountain again.

Inside, he applies a full-body rope tie to an examination table, and with her legs spread wide, he pinches her nipples and plays with her clit by rubbing a vibrator outside her panties. She moans with embarrassment and discomfort, so he jams a rubber bulb in her mouth and inflates it by squeezing a device at the other end.

shamed & abused1 With her jaws spread wide, he further excites her clit and applies metal nipple clamps until she writhes in passionate agony. Then, he gags her with a rubber and chain device and brings out the candles for a scalding hot-wax session that really makes her squirm! To pay it off, he inserts an electric vibrator into her slippery pussy and leaves it held in place by her panties. Outside again and dressed in heels, stockings, panties and a very short dress that rides up to her waist, she's intricately tied, gagged, and suspended upside down as he whips her into submission.

Back inside, she's ball-gagged with her hands tied behind her back. He pinches her nipples and forces her to urinate into a bowl--with a metal clamp biting into her clit! Uh oh! She misses a bit and he rubs her face in the puddle for punishment. He fucks her again with the vibrator, held in place with her panties, and alternately caresses her and lashes her ruthlessly with a whip as she screams in response to the pain and pleasure. She begins to purr as he massages her breasts and licks her hot slit. The heat's too much! He covers her body with a forest of metal clothespins and pulls out his cock. Arms tied under her knees, she opens her lips and sucks him to a massive hard-on. He kneels between her legs and fucks her violently, but pulls out at the last moment and demands she open her mouth. Now trained and ready for anything, she complies as he pumps streams of cum into her mouth and all over her face. $59.95

bondage nurse 2

BONDAGE NURSE captures the erotic appeal of a girl in a uniform, especially this busty Oriental babe who doesn't wear a bra under hers. Three doctors notice her jiggle and tease her into raising her skirt and showing off her white panties and pantyhose.

They take the initiative: one fondles her shapely bottom, another works on her crotch, and the third unbuttons her uniform to expose her lush C-cup treasures—which he bounces, fondles, sucks, then pinches the nipples into swelling peaks. Bottom Doc pulls down her underwear, spreads her cheeks and probes her ass with his tongue, while rubbing her clit until she sobs breathlessly with passion. Stripped out of her uniform, she sits on one of her admirer’s laps as an electric vibrator is slipped into her pantyhose crotch and revved up to climax speed! Her hands are tied behind her back and the strap is pulled between her legs, biting into her hot pussy. The next day, she's again accosted by the doctors, who wrestle her to the floor, strip off her uniform, rip through her pantyhose and panties and give her a lesson in rough sex—one playing with her breasts, the other eating her slit. Is she whimpering from pleasure or pain? Before we can determine an answer, one of her molesters gets naked and jams his hard prick in her mouth. Not to be outdone, the other begins fucking her so furiously she almost can't deliver an on-beat blowjob! Then, they turn her over and switch places, performing a cock-throbbing double-header.

Afterward, they carry her into an examination room and strap her on a table where they suck her delicious nipples, excite her clit with a vibrator, and fist fuck her into a thrashing coma. Soon back in full uniform, she's blindfolded with a rubber hose inserted in her mouth and her ample breasts are exposed again. As her nipples are pinched, squeezed and sucked, she’s dildoed through her pantyhose. Then, they’re pulled down and she’s forced to relieve herself into a pan placed beneath her as the three men watch. They continue to maul her breasts and play with her clit as she urinates, wiping the excess spray on her face and body.

bondage nurse 1 Later that night, wearing panties, pantyhose, and a nurse's hat, she's blindfolded by the sex-crazed physicians who perform a lusty domination ritual on her. One licks and kisses her hardening nipples, while the other rips a hole in her hose and executes a violent finger fucking.

The breast man is ready for action and whips out his cock, rubs it on her face, and begins jerking off between her lips. His partner uses a vibrator on her clit, then kneels between her legs and slams his dripping prick into her pussy. The other doctor sits astride her head and fuck her mouth.

The result is a frenzied orgy with the men delivering double penetration discipline to their sexually-supercharged nurse. The cocksucking is too hot, so Dr. One stands up to blow his huge sticky load all over her face. Doc Two turns her over and fucks her ass, showering thick, hot cum over her cheeks and back.

It's still not enough. Later, she’s dressed in thigh-high patent leather boots, gloves and body costume and pulls at her large breasts, masturbating to a shattering climax. Is it all her fantasy—or ours? $69.95

training of an s&m slave

THE TRAINING OF AN S&M SLAVE occurs in an Oriental sex club, where a new girl contracts to serve its members--in more ways than one! Stripping to a white teddy, she begins by kissing and licking the feet, legs, and crotches of there near-naked men, who also give her a mouthful of hot cock to practice on, while her arms are tied with rope. The lessons begin as she's tied naked--legs spread apart--on a table. The trio begins by sucking and pinching her nipples, one man at each breast, the third titillating her exposed clit. He's soon joined by another and they finger fuck her alternately and together, until she squirms in ecstasy--wanting more!

She graduates to an incline bench, where she's tied hands above her head and legs open to expose her dripping slit. As one of the trio stuffs his hot cock into her mouth, the other two produce a series of vibrators, which are meticulously thrust into her in various positions, to see which has the nastiest response. While she watches, they're all inserted at once, and vibrating balls are taped to her throbbing clit.

Retied and gagged with a leather bit, she's subjected to a punishing hot-wax treatment with a crimson candle dripping over her breasts, nipples, torso, pussy, and even her tongue! During the ritual, she is introduced to the whip. Then they spread her cheeks and administer an enema, making her hold it while they play with her engorged clit and dildo her mercilessly. They tickle her with brushes and apply the whip again, but this time with real force--and doubled by two masters lashing brutally across her naked body with jolting intensity.

The trio is ready to climax. She simultaneously jerks off and sucks the first to maximum erection and he takes her from behind, pounding into her so furiously she gasps with the impact of the attack! Another man seats himself in front of her and makes her begin sucking his meat. She does them both with real gusto, until the man behind floods her ass with a shower of cream. As it drips down into her pussy and legs, she continues sucking the second stud to a raging hard-on and he turns her on her back, slipping his cock into her cum-slippery snatch. Fucking her--knees to chest--with driving force, he finally pulls out and spews an explosion of steamy jizz into her mouth, which she passionately licks up. The effort--believe it or not--gets a round of applause from her dominators. Behind-the-scenes production of another bondage video follows! $69.95

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